All prices are negotiable!!
Please email if interested in seeing or purchasing anything. Also willing to barter for items. I will email or call you back so include a phone number if possible.
I am available most days and evenings to show items.


Mica Mini Table Lamps:[$8/each] great for desks, hallways, bedrooms. Buy a pair ($12); they'll make a great set. All in good shape and working properly. Bulbs are cheap. Most have bulbs and all are guaranteed to work. They give off a great amber light.
pic2(no flash, shows luminescence)

Clip Lamps:[$5/each] great for desks, shelving, kitchen, closets, etc. I have a few; all in good shape and working properly. Bulbs are cheap. I do have a few good bulbs as well as adaptors to fit smaller bulbs into the lights.

Cylander Table Lamp:[$10] This is one of those decorative lamps that sells for a lot of money b/c its kind of unique. Its nice, but I just don't need it.


Kenneth Cole Reaction Shoes (size12-13): [$35] These shoes are really nice and in great shape. I wore then about 4 times. They don't quite fit me right and I never really work anywhere where I need to dress sharp, so I've decided to part with them. I'm willing to come down a bit on price, but they are nearly perfect.
--pictures coming soon

Brown BUM Equipment Vest (size 2XL): [$7] Very nice and warm vest; worn only one weekend. I love the look of this vest, but I'm just not a vest person. So it has to go.

Blue Rain Jacket (size XL): [$5] I bought this thinking I'd wear it a lot, but never did because it doesn't fit me with a hoodie on(and i always wear layers in the rain)...i ended up buying a pancho


Records: [price will vary with quantity] All records are either played a few times, or only played for testing.

CDs: [price will vary with quantity] All CDs are guaranteed to not skip